Wolf's Little Imp

Series: Bratburg Daddies, Book 3
By Cooper McKenzie

After a vicious attack lands her in the hospital, the last thing Poppy Montrose expects is to be the one on trial…

Unfortunately for her, the laws are clear, and given an impossible choice, she reluctantly chooses to be sent to the Bratburg Institute for “training”.

There she meets Diego Caroma, the gorgeous wolf shifter in charge of her training. Their attraction is as fierce as it is immediate, and it’s all they can do to keep their hands off each other. Poppy can’t afford any distractions if she’s going to make it to graduation and get back to her life in the city.

But when another attack again forces Poppy to defy the rules and defend herself, she sees no option but to flee the institute. Diego hunts her down, determined to finally claim her as his mate and keep her right where she belongs.

By his side. Forever.


 Publication Date: January 20, 2023