What will you publish?

Red Hot Romance specializes in power exchange and kink-themed romances that span across many genres and heat levels.

What will you not accept?
This is going to be fluid and may change as we go along. As of right now, we are not accepting books without kink or power exchange elements in them, or anything that would get banned on Amazon or other retailers.
What services do you provide for authors?
We are a full-service publishing house. We will edit, proofread, format, upload, distribute ARCS, and consult with you to build a marketing plan for your book babies. We also provide a cover and other promotional graphics.
No. We believe that authors should own their own “real estate,” including their copyrights and we encourage the authors to copyright their own works.
Where do you publish?
This is something that can be worked out on an individual basis between the author and the publishing house. We have accounts on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Google Books. We are also open to publishing through Kindle Unlimited, and Kindle Vella.
What is your author royalty rate?
We offer a 60(author)/40(publishing house) split of all royalties received.
How often do you pay?

We will be paying monthly on the same schedule that Amazon uses. For instance, a book that comes out in July, will be paid to us on the 29th of September, and we would distribute that payment before the 15th of October.

Do you offer advances?

Not at this time.

How long do you hold contracts for?

We offer a standard 7-year contract. After 7 years an author can request their rights back at any time.