P.D. Carter

P.D. Carter is the other side of my author identity. As P.D. I write MM romance stories. If you’re looking for my other books visit my Paige Parsons page.

After spending 41 years in the US I decided there were adventures to be had abroad. So, I packed up my bags and moved to Japan! Currently, I tell stories from my home in northern Japan where I use a creative mixture of English, limited Japanese, and wild hand gestures to communicate. I adore the land of make-believe in all its forms and consider myself an artist above all else.

During my 49 rotations around the sun, I’ve been an actress, a journalist, an educator, a stage manager, a production manager, an author, and even a brief stint as a customer service representative at UPS. Being an author is the most liberating of these paths. I love creating the stories and characters I want to see and am eternally grateful to my readers for going on the journey with me.

“Try everything twice. The first time is bound to make you a little uncomfortable.”

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