Lion's Little Scamp

Series: Bratburg Daddies, Book 4
By Cooper McKenzie

Her forever mate. Her forever home. Her forever Daddy…

The Bratburg Institute might finally give Irish McCullough the fresh start she’s been needing.

It might also give her more than she ever dared to dream of.

Before she can even settle into her new temporary home, she’s approached by the most intimidating, sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Not only does the gorgeous lion shifter claim to be her fated mate, he informs her he’ll be taking on the role of her guardian.

Which, she soon realizes, means he has the right to redden her bare bottom whenever she breaks one of the Institute’s many rules.

And when her Daidi is forced to hunt her down after she lets herself be talked into a dangerous trip into the woods, she learns that a lion’s bite is much more painful than his roar…

 Publication Date: June 23, 2023