Centaur's Little Rogue

Series: Bratburg Daddies, Book 6
By Cooper McKenzie

After multiple run-ins with the law, Hollister Rose is sent away to the Bratburg Institute to undergo their rigorous training program. 

For some, it might seem like a punishment.

For her, it’s a breath of fresh air. A chance to escape the crushing responsibilities awaiting her back in the city, and the constant sting of her grandmother’s disappointment.

And a chance to get to know the gruff centaur shifter in charge of the animals at Bratburg. From the moment she meets Sullivan, the mating pull threatens to overwhelm her, and it’s clear he feels the same.

Even if he is a bit grumpy about it. 

But even the pull of their fated bond may not be enough to save them when a sudden tragedy sends Hollister running back to the city… and the destiny that awaits her far from the comfort of her Daddy’s arms.

 Publication Date: May 24, 2024