Bear's Little Brat

Series: Bratburg Daddies, Book 2
By Cooper McKenzie

She has a knack for getting in trouble. But this Daddy knows just how to handle naughty little brats…

A prank gone wrong sends Emory off to Bratburg Institute, where she’s expected to learn how to become a “proper woman”.

But as it turns out, it’s not the horrible punishment she expects it to be. The head of security is none other than Emory’s own fated mate, and Kodiak sees her for who she really is: a lost little girl desperately in need of a Daddy.

And even though their need for each other threatens to overwhelm them, he spends his days spoiling and disciplining her, helping her to become the woman she’s meant to be.

Unfortunately for Emory, her reputation precedes her, and when another prank nearly costs Kodiak his life, the blame falls squarely on her shoulders. Now, she has to find the real culprit and clear her name, before she loses her spot at Bratburg…and her mate.


 Publication Date: October 7, 2022