Traveling Brats: The Complete Series

Traveling Brats: Sassy Submissives running from dangerous bad guys are rescued by handsome, rich Daddy Doms and whisked away to glamorous locations all over the globe—where they will do exactly as Daddy says…


Daddy’s Stowaway:

Stealing a first-class ticket was a risk, but it was one I couldn’t afford not to take. Worst case scenario, I’d sit in airport jail for a while and then try again, right?


The man I stole from isn’t just any first-class passenger. Turns out, he owns the whole damn airline.

And now he owns me.

For the next eighteen hours, I earn my passage through humiliating punishments that leave me begging for more. And for a moment, I allow myself to believe it won’t end when we land in Tahiti. But there is nowhere I can go where my past won’t find me, and when it does, Daddy is the only one who can save me.

The only question is, will he still want me once he learns the truth about why I ran?


Daddy’s Castaway:

The odds of being lost at sea while fleeing a psycho stalker? Astronomical.

The odds of being rescued by a dominant, sexy-as-sin billionaire? Pretty much zero.

Which is why Ocean can’t quite believe her luck when she’s fished from a reef. Even more shocking is learning her hero isn’t just filthy rich and gorgeous — he also happens to be a strict Daddy who doesn’t hesitate to dole out punishments that leave her trembling, breathless, and desperate for his touch.

But the man she’s hiding from hasn’t stopped looking for her. And unless she can learn to trust her new Daddy, her luck is about to run out.


Daddy’s Runaway:

They say you can’t go home again, and maybe they’re right. But either way, I’ve made my way back to my hometown… and the boy I left behind.

King Connelly. But the boy I remember never would have dared to take me across his knee like a naughty little girl or use my body to bring us both pleasure beyond our wildest fantasies.

He never would have made me call him Daddy.

No, the boy I ran from is long gone. In his place is a man who punishes even the slightest hint of defiance swiftly and thoroughly. A man who vows to protect me from a past I can’t seem to escape.

A man who makes me wonder if I can finally stop running.

 Publication Date: June 13, 2022