The Forbidden Trio: A Taboo Romance Collection

          By Eden Bradley

What do you do when the person you want above all others is the one person most off-limits?
From best friends to ex-lovers, this collection shows how sweet the forbidden fruit really is.


*Tempt Me Twice:
One weekend getaway could give Jesse everything she’s ever wanted, and more. But is giving into temptation worth the risk of losing her best friend?



Janie has only ever loved one man — and now he wants her back. In the years they’ve been apart, she’s never stopped dreaming of the deliciously kinky bedroom games they played before his addiction destroyed their marriage. As much as her body craves his touch, she knows giving into temptation means risking her heart all over again…



For years, Aster has wanted the one man she shouldn’t — her own stepbrother. When she finally gives in to her most forbidden fantasies, will she find the love she’s been searching for? Or will her darkest desires be her undoing?

 Publication Date: February 13, 2022