Small Town Sadist

Series: Small Town Submission, Book 3
By Karen Nappa

She never thought trusting him with her body would give him access to her most guarded body part—her heart.

Welcome back to Peaceful, where danger spikes to new heights.

Sapphira is a hard-core masochist who craves pain more than release. She doesn’t let men in her life, let alone her home, and now Master B has been there twice. The first time, the intensity of his scene pushed her so far into subspace, released way too many emotions… she didn’t dare let down her guard a second time. Not with anyone.
But that was before everything went to hell, and now, not only is he back in her home… but he might just be in her heart.

*Small Town Sadist is the third installment in the Small Town Submission series. (It was originally titled Standing Fast and the series title was originally The Quinn Quartet) Although the book contains a complete romance story with HEA, we recommend reading the books in order—starting with Small Town MasterSmall Town Sadist mentions child abuse and although it’s in the past, this might trigger memories. It also contains disturbing and harmful coping mechanisms to deal with the past. Reader discretion is advised.

 Publication Date: May 28, 2022