Small Town Master

Series: Small Town Submission, Book 1
By Karen Nappa

Can an opinionated reporter convince a part-time politician/farmer to dig into a mystery that threatens his Peaceful life?

She is far too stubborn and feisty for his tastes. He is too controlling and domineering for hers. When they meet sparks fly but it could never work.

He wants a perfect submissive wife, who will be a help in daily life and a vixen between the sheets.

She wants an equal partner, not someone with his head stuck in the 1950s.

When they are thrown together to uncover a dangerous scandal in their small town, they will finally give in to their mutual attraction.

But will it last? Can he love a woman who challenges him at every turn? Can she love a man who demands her complete submission?

*Small Town Submission was originally published as The Quinn Quartet series. Small Town Master was previously published as Delving Deep. 
Although it isn’t necessary to read Healing Jacob’s Heart, The Small Town Submission books are meant to be read in order because of the over-all story arc. Each individual book contains its own romance and Happily Ever After! This book contains elements of power exchange and is written for a mature audience.*

 Publication Date: May 28, 2022