Savage Romance

        Series: Savage Billionaires, Book 2          

        By Karen Nappa

Driven by grief and a thirst for revenge, Zoe Jones takes a job managing a hotel with the sole purpose of getting closer to Ben Dennehy. Her new boss is filthy rich, sexy as sin, and as ruthless in business as he is at the poker table.

He’s also the man responsible for her stepbrother’s death.

But her mission to ruin Ben Dennehy is thrown for a curve when she realizes her attraction to him isn’t all for show. There’s nothing fake about the way her body responds to his rough, demanding touch.

When her moment of reckoning finally arrives, she’ll have to choose — turn her back on the brother she’s sworn to avenge…

Or follow through with her plan, and destroy the man she loves.

 Publication Date: February 11, 2022