Promising Daddy

June Fletcher never thought she’d be a widow. She thought she and her Daddy Dom husband Mike would grow old together. When she loses Mike after a short battle with cancer she finds her life without him almost too difficult to bear.

Friends fall away as she moves mindlessly between work and home hoping for some sign that he’s okay, hoping for some sign to guide her out of the perpetual fog of grief.

Gabe Winslow hadn’t seen Mike Fletcher since high school where the two played together on the football team. Meeting his widow is a surprise, especially when June tells him she found a note specifically requesting that he help June with financial planning.

As Gabe works with June, he begins to get glimpses into her life and the special nature of the relationship she had with Mike. He doesn’t tell her that he’s a Daddy, too.

Mike made June promise to move on and be happy. Can Gabe help her find her way back to happiness? Or will June’s hold on the past keep her from moving forward?

 Publication Date: February 15, 2022