Paddle Bunny

Series: Club N/2, Book 2
By Cooper McKenzie

Morgan Seacrest is used to getting his own way—especially within the walls of his own club.

So when the pretty new girl at the front desk denies him entry and calls his own security on him, his first thought is to take out his frustration on her gorgeously round backside. After a few missteps, he finally gets Zoe in his ropes.

And she’s even more perfect than he ever imagined.

Not only does she respond like a dream to every bite of pain he inflicts on her stunning body, Morgan discovers a sharp mind and a heart of gold beneath that shy exterior.

But when intimate pictures of Zoe become public, costing her the job she loves, Morgan is no longer content with keeping their relationship confined to the club. Until he finds out who is out to get her, he plans to keep his little bunny close.

Even if it means keeping her bottom red and sore until she learns what it means to obey.


 Publication Date: May 11, 2023