Series: Walker’s Grove, Book 2
By Tabitha Marks

A woman fighting for independence. A man who craves control. A love that will force them to meet in the middle, or risk losing it all…

When I left my father’s house, I swore I would never be ruled by another man. My choices, my mistakes, would all be my own, for better or worse.

Until I meet Tobin. Cocky, successful, and sexy in that scruffy, rough around the edges kind of way. As reluctant as I am to let another man run my life, I desperately need help getting my spending habits under control. And it doesn’t hurt that being taken over his knee for a well-deserved punishment does things to my body I’ve never felt with any other man.

But a part of me still fears giving him too much control. How could I ever forgive myself if I surrender it all and he turns out to be just like my father? Or, somehow, even worse…

 Publication Date: May 30, 2022