Series: Las Vegas Littles, Book 2
By Bayleigh Rae

The last thing Chef Graham Rosi needs in his kitchen is a naughty Little girl…

Especially one with gorgeous red hair and an adorable smattering of freckles across her stunning face.

He’s been down that road once, and it nearly destroyed him. So while letting Mariah assist him at work may be out of his hands, he can certainly control his reactions to her presence.

Or so he thinks, until she makes a nearly fatal error with one of her dishes. Faced with the prospect of letting her go, Graham comes up with an alternative solution: Reddening Mariah’s perfect bottom every day as a reminder to be more careful.

It’s supposed to be a strictly professional arrangement. But once he has her over his knee, Graham finds himself wanting to be more than just her boss. Every instinct he has is clamoring for him to claim Mariah as his very own, to be the Daddy she so obviously needs…

Even if it means breaking every promise he’s made to himself to have her.


 Publication Date: March 10, 2023