Series: Las Vegas Littles, Book 1
By Bayleigh Rae

They say the best things in life come to those who wait…

And Margo has waited long enough. Today is the day Knox Remington is finally going to claim her as his Little girl.

Or, it was supposed to be, at least. Until she panics and backs out of their agreement at the last minute.

Unfortunately for Margo, someone needs to look after her and her friends while their “House Daddy” is on his honeymoon. And that someone is Knox.

Now she’s stuck watching all her friends get their bottoms reddened by the man who was supposed to be her Daddy, while her own stubbornness keeps her on the outside looking in.

Each punishment she doesn’t get just makes her angrier and angrier, and her friends have had just about enough. It’s time for Margo to either let go of her past hurts and trust Knox to be the Daddy he promised he would be.

Or lose him, and the best friends she’s ever known, forever.


 Publication Date: February 17, 2023