Little Red

Series: Filthy Fairytales, Book 1
By Bronwyn Judde

All the better to eat you with, my dear…

Another day, another boring trip to grandma’s cottage.

Boring, that is, until I stumble across a giant of a man who puts me over his knee and turns my bottom as red as my cloak. And that, somehow, isn’t even the strangest part of my day.

No, that honor is reserved for the discovery that my boring little old grandmother is actually a witch—and so am I. Oh, and the love of my life is more than just a woodcutter. Through him, I discover a magical world full of wonder and unparalleled pleasure.

But danger lurks in this new world, as well, just waiting for me to make a mistake that could cost me the love I’ve only just found…

 Publication Date: May 28, 2022