Las Vegas Littles: the Prequel

Series: Las Vegas Littles, prequel
By Bayleigh Rae

She’s spent her entire life taking care of everyone else.
Now it’s her turn to be taken care of, the way only a Daddy can…

Homeless but not helpless, Luna Santos has spent months building a home for herself and her friends in the penthouse of an old abandoned hotel. It has been their oasis, a place where they are safe from the outside world, and free to be as Little as they want.

Until now.

A prospective buyer is in town, and when he discovers Luna drawing on the walls of a conference room, she fears the worst. There’s no way this gorgeous, rich as sin man isn’t going to put her and her friends back out on the streets—or worse, in prison.

Instead, he fulfills one of Luna’s lifelong fantasies by putting her over his knee and treating her like the very Little girl she’s always dreamed of being.

But Luna hasn’t had many good things in her life. It’s going to take Baze and a group of very special Little girls, to convince her that her luck has finally changed.

And that she deserves to be loved by a Daddy of her very own.


 Publication Date: April 14, 2023