Series: Las Vegas Littles, Book 6
By Bayleigh Rae

For years, Jilly has been locked in her own mind, trapped by the events of her past that forced her to abandon the life she once loved.

Just when she’s finally learning to let go of those old fears, she meets Axel. President of a local motorcycle club, rough-around-the-edges Axel is a forceful reminder of everything that used to bring her joy.

And everything she’s come to fear.

But under Axel’s gentle guidance, Jilly blossoms even further, unlocking parts of herself she never knew existed. Like the part of her that loves going over her Daddy’s knee so he can turn her bottom bright red before he gives her more pleasure than her body can handle.

Jilly’s past isn’t going to let go of her that easily, though. When Axel’s unique brand of justice backfires on him and his club, Jilly will have to choose between returning to the shadows and living a life of fear…

Or finding the courage to embrace her new Daddy and her new family, no matter the cost.

 Publication Date: September 26, 2023