Series: Doms of Club Indgo, Book 1
By Karen Nappa

After years trapped in a marriage with a man who abused and degraded her, the last thing Laura Turner wants is another man telling her what to do.

Now she’s trapped again, only this time it is with a man whose every command makes her body ache with need.

On her knees during a raging storm, she learns what it means to surrender on her terms. To give herself to a man who not only worships her body and takes her to heights of pleasure she’s never known, but who also appreciates her sharp mind and generous heart.

But when the storm ends, Laura’s old insecurities come rushing back to the surface and she disappears without giving James any way of finding her again.

Little does she know, he’s not willing to let her go so easily. Their city might be big, but not nearly big enough for a naughty girl to hide forever…

 Publication Date: July 27, 2023