His Pennsylvania Princess

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 3
By Rogue London

Five years ago, the only woman I ever loved vanished.

Now fate has brought us back together, and despite Sophie’s adamant denials, I know exactly what my feisty princess needs: a Daddy’s firm hand and a lover’s knowing touch. And I plan to give her plenty of both, until she agrees to take her rightful place by my side.

She’s determined to refuse me and I agree, she’s not the same girl I once knew, but I’m not the same man, either. I’ve transformed from a dangerous enforcer for my father, to a calm, commanding alpha.

It isn’t long, though, before I realize it isn’t only my heart on the line if I can’t convince Sophie to trust me.

It’s my Pennsylvania Princess who will pay the price.


 Publication Date: March 20, 2022