His Florida Flower

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 10
By Rogue London

Life in the Florida Keys is everything Ace Aster dreamed it would be—sun, sand, and a profitable business that keeps his days busy.

Everything is perfect, right up until a sweet little Georgia peach rolls into town, determined to uncover the secrets Ace has carefully kept locked away. Her nosy investigating brings her to the brink of disaster, not once but twice, leaving Ace with no choice but to keep her as close as possible.

Not that it’s such a hardship, especially when it turns out Bloom is not only willing to accept the discipline he metes out, his creative punishments leave her sore and desperate for his touch.

But a broken promise soon shatters Ace’s ability to trust the people around him. And unless he can find it in himself to forgive Bloom, he won’t just lose her. He’ll lose the life—and the fortune—he’s worked so hard to build.

 Publication Date: July 27, 2022