Her Wyoming Dream Daddy

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 11
By Alyssa Bailey

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day…

And Harper is no exception. Reading about her engagement in the paper after her father arranged the whole thing behind her back, however, was never a part of her fantasies.

Now she’s on the run, and thanks to a string of bad luck, she’s stranded on some ranch with nobody but the sinfully hot, imposing owner for company. And the second she doesn’t go along with his demands, she finds herself face down over his lap with her bare bottom on fire. She should probably hate him for it, but her body doesn’t seem to agree, and his discipline only makes her want him more.

But her father isn’t going to let her get away quite so easily, and soon she’s faced with a decision that will decide the course of her entire future. Because one way or another, Harper Galanos is getting married…


 Publication Date: September 23, 2022