Her Wicked Rhode Island Dom

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 16
By Kessily Lewel

He’s willing to wait however long it takes to make her his. She’s already waited a lifetime to find him. And now she’s just about out of patience.

After a tragically failed relationship and fifteen years of sobriety, Clint Jamison is finally happy with his life just as it is.

The last thing he’s looking for is to play the knight in shining armor to a sweet, broken sub with wide blue eyes and curves for days. But when a scene in his club goes horribly wrong, Clint steps in to do exactly that.

And falls headfirst into everything he’s been doing his damndest to avoid.

So even though Clint aches to see the gorgeous blonde kneeling at his feet, and his palm positively itches to give her the discipline she so obviously needs, he’s determined to give Nora the space she deserves to heal from the wounds left by the man who nearly destroyed her.

But Clint’s own insecurities about his past have him doubting every move he makes, and if he waits too long to claim her, he risks losing Nora forever.

 Publication Date: June 2, 2023