Her Undercover Utah Daddy

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 17
By Rayanna Jamison

All Teagan Monroe wants is a normal life in her quiet little Utah town.

Which is a little difficult when she spends half her time looking over her shoulder, waiting for the day her violent criminal of a brother finally tracks her down.

So for one glorious night, she surrenders to the new, gorgeously rugged Dom at her club, and the exquisite pain he so expertly inflicts on her, until all her worries seem to vanish.

But when she steps out of the club and back into reality, her worst fears suddenly come true, and she’s forced to go on the run with the man who just gave her the most spectacular night of her life—and then betrayed her in the most devastating way imaginable.

Left with no choice but to trust Reese with her safety, Teagan allows him to whisk her away to his stunning mansion in the mountains. And while she may be helpless against his command of her body, her heart is another matter altogether…

 Publication Date: July 18, 2023