Her New Hampshire Snow Daddy

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 15
By Vanessa Brooks

She’s  living  a  lie.

She  knows  it,  but  it’s  easier  to  pretend  when  you’re  still  running from  what  broke  you…

Fleeing from a past so painful she’s hidden the truth of it deep in her subconscious, British-born Izzy makes her way to the United States. When  her plane goes down in the wilds of New Hampshire she’s trapped in a cabin, surrounded by acres of nothing but snow and trees, completely at the mercy of the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. A man determined to secure her obedience, specifically at the cost of a  hot bottom for Izzy.

Before she knows it, she’s calling him Daddy and her pleas for mercy and pleasure echo into the snowy nights.

But Izzy isn’t the only one harboring secrets…

When she finally uncovers what Blake’s been hiding, it puts not only their future, but their very lives at risk.

 Publication Date: April 28, 2023