Her Massachusetts Mix-Up

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 13
By Tabitha Marks

I’ve got ten days in Boston to make sure my little sister and her baby are properly taken care of. What I don’t have, is time for distractions.

Especially distractions with a badge, piercing brown eyes and a body that makes me want to stick out my arms and beg him to arrest me.

Detective Smith, as it turns out, has other ways of dealing with naughty rule breakers. Instead of spending time in a jail cell, I spend my time over his knee, my body aching for more of his punishment even as my mind rebels at the thought of letting a man rule me.

I should have listened to my brain instead of my you-know-what. No amount of pleasure is worth the humiliation of realizing I’ll never be Adam’s number one priority.

If he can’t put me and our relationship first, then there’s nothing left for me in Massachusetts. Nothing, that is, but the shattered heart I’m leaving behind me…


 Publication Date: February 24, 2023