Her Maryland Crabby Daddy

Series: Stateside Doms, Book 19
By Golden Angel

GUD: Geographically UnDesirable

Crabs, good friends, and beer.

That’s pretty much what Ethan Davies’ life consists of, and he’s not looking to change it.

He’s certainly not looking for his sister’s gorgeous, curvy best friend to turn his bachelor pad into her temporary home away from the Big Apple. And he is absolutely, one hundred percent, not looking to teach her everything she ever wanted to know about Daddy Doms.

But fate and meddling little sisters have other plans. And now that she’s turned his world upside down, he’ll need to find a way to convince his New Yorker babygirl that where she really belongs is with her Maryland Daddy.

Even if he is a little…crabby.

 Publication Date: January 19, 2024