Heart's Vow

Series: Mafia Brides, Book 1
By Rogue London

I have never met a brat I could not tame… and I’ll be damned if I let my wife be the first.

When I sat down at the negotiation table with Don Calogerà, I expected to leave again with full control of his shipping lanes, and as many other concessions as I could wring from him.

What I did not expect, was to leave with his daughter on my arm, and my ring on her finger.

Vittoria may give the appearance of the perfect mafia princess in public, but behind closed doors she is a complete and utter brat. Which suits my own desires perfectly, as there is nothing I enjoy more than painting a woman’s backside red before I bring her to heights of ecstasy she’s never known.

Each time she runs from me, I catch her. And each punishment I inflict on her gorgeous body only makes me more determined to keep her by my side forever.

Whether she wants to be there or not.


 Publication Date: May 26, 2023