Finding Trouble

Series: The Quinn Quartet, Book 2
By Karen Nappa

Don’t come looking for trouble… because it will find you

Maddy has been called a rebel and a troublemaker her entire life. Struggling to find her way in life under the watchful eyes of the domineering men in her family, she’s known for taking risks.

Lou is back from twenty years of active duty. It left visible and invisible scars but honed his skills and sharpened his ingrained instinct to protect the weaker. On his return, he’s prepared for Peaceful to be changed but he isn’t prepared to meet his childhood best friend or how she makes his cock harden and his palm itch. His baby girl will rebel against him at every turn, but he’s determined to keep her safe, well-satiated and her bottom thoroughly blistered so she has no choice but to accept him as her Daddy Dom.

Don’t miss this friends-to-lovers small-town romance with a swoon-worthy Daddy Dom in uniform and a doctor who fought for her independence all her life. Although Finding Trouble is a complete romance novel we advise to start this series by reading Delving Deep first.

 Publication Date: September 19, 2021