Eternally Wicked

Series: Midnight Playground, Book 5
By Eden Bradley

I am nothing. I am no one.

I am Rogue.

A shell of the man I once was, I’ve lost all memory of my life before I became this monster, alone and hungry, hunting my prey wherever I can find it.

Until the night I am caught poaching another’s hunting grounds. And not just any vampire — I’ve stolen from Ramsey, a powerful member of the Vampire Council.

I should have paid for my crimes with my life, but Ramsey has other plans for me. What begins as punishment for my sins erupts into a fiery passion filled with pain and pleasure in equal measure.

But a dangerous secret lurks in the shadows of our world, one which threatens to tear me from the arms of the only being I’ve ever loved.

 Publication Date: December 28, 2021