Eternally Mastered

Series: Midnight Playground, Book 2
By Eden Bradley

There was a time when just the sight of a young, lithe body would have set my blood on fire. But for what feels like an eternity, I have been numb, finding what little pleasure I can in the mortal men who submit themselves to my depraved needs.

Until her.

Meeraj takes everything I give her, and still she begs for more. In her, I find my equal, a woman who doesn’t just endure the sting of my whip but craves each exquisite lash. She rises to every challenge I give her, my perfect match in every way, right down to the darkness I sense inside of her.

Every touch, every kiss, every drop of blood she sheds for me tempts me further. Until she is my only craving, my all-consuming need, my obsession.

And, I fear, my very destruction.

 Publication Date: October 26, 2021