Eternally Bound

Series: Midnight Playground, Book 3
By Eden Bradley


I can barely wrap my mind around it, the idea of living forever, young and beautiful until the end of time. And yet, I find myself growing desperate to leave the pain of my mortal life behind me for good.

The promise of those endless years lures me to the most dangerous club in London. At the Playground, I immerse myself in a carnal world of pain and pleasure as I seek out my destiny: The Turning Kiss.

And then I meet Calam, another broken human seeking the kiss. An unusual request brings us together for a night of passion greater than either of us have ever known, and soon I am faced with an impossible choice:

Eternal life as a creature of the night, without pain or fear, never growing old and weak? Or a single lifetime with the man who holds my heart in his hands?

 Publication Date: November 9, 2021