Her Alabama Alpha

Series: Las Vegas Littles, Book 4
By Bayleigh Rae

The only thing missing in Ellie’s life is a Daddy to give her the one thing she truly wants…

And what she wants is to be the littlest Little she can possibly be.

When Baze hires a nanny to watch over her and the other Littles, it seems like she might finally get her wish. Sam understands her desire to be cared for completely, to be totally and utterly dependent on her Daddy for every single need a Little girl could have.

But as she settles into her new role as Sam’s baby girl, a part of her longs for her old life. For the pranks and the late night talks—even the red hot bottoms she used to get for misbehaving.

Too scared to tell her Daddy what she really wants, she does her best to be the baby he deserves. Until the pull of her friends and everything Utopia has to offer becomes too much for her to resist, and she pushes the bounds of Sam’s gentle understanding a bit too far…

 Publication Date: June 9, 2023