Series: The Kink List, Episode 1
By Leslie Ayla

How far would you go if your ex told you that you’re boring in bed?

Me? I’m an overachieving, cross-dressing Diva with a capital D that will go all the damn way.
After spending the night drinking, Orion and I came up with the perfect plan.
A kink list. A bucket list of kinks to try.
Together the two of us will work our way down the list and see what fits and what doesn’t.
First up? Mr Tall, silver and absolutely delicious.
Can this sexy silver fox help me get over my heartache? Or is he another disaster waiting to happen.
Follow Jamie and Orion as they explore what it means to be sexually woke young men.

The Kink List is an MM Smut Serial that will leave you dehydrated and begging for more.

 Publication Date: August 25, 2022