Darling Little Lexa

Doctors, and nurses, and needles—Oh, my!

To say Lexa isn’t thrilled when her new job offer requires her to have a physical is a bit of an understatement. Just the thought of stepping inside a doctor’s office is enough to have her heart racing and her palms slick with sweat.

Dr. Darling’s isn’t just any doctor’s office, though. This clinic caters solely to a very special clientele…


And while the clinic itself is enough to ease some of her anxiety, it’s the man who runs the place who truly calms her fears. Dr. Ronnie Shepard isn’t just an amazing doctor—he’s everything she could have asked for in a Daddy.

But when her jitters over their budding relationship turn into a full on panic that sends Lexa spiraling out of control, Ronnie will need all of his training both as a doctor and a Daddy to heal his darling Little girl’s worst fears…

Or risk losing her forever.


 Publication Date: March 10, 2023