Daddy's Little Robot

          By Stella Shelton

Her very existence defies everything he knows. Now, he’ll defy every rule he’s written to keep her by his side…

Destiny was programmed for one singular purpose: To please the men willing to pay for her time and attention. She was created to have no wants, no needs, no desires outside of what she has been told to have.

Until now.

One look at Axle King, the man who created the first true bionic human, has Destiny craving a man’s touch purely for her own enjoyment for the very first time. And she doesn’t just want a man… she wants a Daddy. Someone to cherish her, protect her—and yes, punish her—the way nobody before him has.

But her awakening comes at a heavy cost. Unless she’s willing to turn her back on her own desires, she risks losing the only man she’s ever loved… and the life she’s only just begun to live.

 Publication Date: February 24, 2023