Daddying Daphne

Series: Doms in Uniform, Book 1
By Karen Nappa

Saving the girl with the wide, gray eyes is just another day on the job for Cole Blaese.

Except, now he can’t get those eyes out of his mind. And when he learns her brush with death wasn’t of her own doing, he vows to keep her safe until the real threat is eliminated.

His fascination with her only increases when he gets her over his knee, with her beautiful body practically begging for more of his strict dominance. Hidden away from the world, it seems as though the two of them have everything they could ever need in each other.

But it isn’t long before their perfect little bubble bursts, and Daphne’s life is once again on the line. If Cole can’t find a way to move past his own doubts, he’ll lose her…



 Publication Date: January 13, 2023