A Submissive’s Service

Series: Designed for Submission, Book 3
By Maggie Ryan

New Daddy. New job. Incredible new life—if she’s brave enough to live it.

Just a few months after having her life turned upside down by her gorgeous, strict new Daddy, Barbara is ready to take another leap of faith: Leaving her well-paying position as an attorney for a new job as a chef, working right alongside her Daddy.

And a career change isn’t the only adjustment Barbara has to make. Every day, Craig takes her deeper and deeper into her role as his Little girl. Play dates, rules, and plenty of red hot bottoms are slowly becoming a part of Barbara’s daily routine.

Bit by bit, Barbara learns to trust her Daddy, not just with her Little side, but with her doubts and insecurities as well. The life she’s always wanted finally seems within her reach.

But in the back of her mind, she still can’t help but wonder if she really has what it takes to be the Little girl her Daddy truly deserves…


 Publication Date: May 23, 2023