A Little Single's Day Saga

How much trouble can seven Little girls possibly get into?

Rawhide Ranch has a reputation for giving lonely Littles their happily ever afters. And Single’s Day seems like the perfect chance for the Ranch to work its magic on a gaggle of visiting Little girls.

There’s just one problem: Luna already has the perfect Daddy, and she isn’t interested in finding anyone else. So why has Baze brought her and her friends to the Ranch for this holiday? And why does it seem like he’s more interested in secret meetings than spending time with her?

Determined to find out what he’s up to, Luna acts out more than she’s ever dared to before. Now she’s worried she may have pushed Baze too far, and that the price for her naughtiness will be more than just a red, sore bottom.

But if she lets it, the Ranch may just give Luna the happy ending she’s been dreaming of, and so much more…


 Publication Date: November 1, 2022